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   Friends 908 - Incompleted English script

Friends 908

으아 너무 힘들다 중간중간 구멍이 많이 있어요 하다가 4시간 정도 해도
완성이 안돼서 나중에 이어서 하려구요 일단 이것만 올릴게요;

Made by Ganada A.H. / sez (Lenemarlin@hotmail.com)

Monica (Mon) ; Hey honey, would you help me t' get the plates down?
Chandler (Chan) ; yeah. hey, here's an idea, why don't we use our wedding china today?
Mon ; I think we should save our china for something really special
      like... if the queen of english comes over.
Chan ; honey, she keeps cancelling on us, take the (hand!)?
Mon ; what if something gets broken then, It's so expensive
Chan ; what if (it's supposed to ???)we never use them
Mon ; okay, but if something gets broken and the queen comes over!!
Chan ; I will explain it to her
Mon ; oh yeah, I got (you d??) to the queen

Joey ; (good these parades)?? are good this year, Man, also (???) Crap..
Narrator on the tv ; Next, (??) band of oklahoma
Chan ; Oklahoma.. from Tulsa.. Oh whooo!!
Narrator on the tv ; and here's beautiful stars of popular day-time soap, days of our lives..
Joey ; oh my god...
Chan ; aren't you (??) star popular daytime soap, days of our lives?
Joey ; yeah, I was supposed to be there..
       Can't believe I forgot I usually write stuffs like this down on my arm!!
       (Chan rolls over Joey's sleeve) Oh, stupid long sleeves..
Chan ; what are you gonna do?
Joey ; I guess I have to come up with really good reason why I wasn't there.
       the producer's gonna be so mad at me and they said all (down)?? yesterday
       Everyone has to be (there six a.m. shot)??
       That means you, tribianni, I (??) some kinda idiot
Chan ; well you prove them right
Joey ; yeah...

Title  ;  The one with the

Rachel (rach) ; oh.. emma.. this is your first thanksgiving..
                what are you thankful for..? mommy's boobies?
Ross ; A lot of people are thankful for those.
somebody ; (knock knock) hello..? rachel?
Rach ; who is it?
Somebody ; it's your favorite sister!
Rach & ross ; Jill?
Somebody (Amy) ; Amy~
Rach ; hide my rings!!

(and Rach approachs to the door and open it)

Rach ; Amy, Happy thanksgiving!
Amy ; Do you have a hair straightener?
Rach ; uhm, hi.. ha!
Amy ; hi... Hair straightener!!!
Rach ; I'vn't seen you like a year
Amy ; I know I know, I just have been crazy..
Rach ; well, me too, I had a baby, ha.
Amy ; I decorated dad's office.
rach ; oh yeah? well, unless you pushed a desk out of your vagina, not the same thing.
Amy ; Listen I'm.. ha, about that hair straightener, Honey.
      I really need one, I'm gonna have a dinner my boyfriend's house!
Amy ; oh my god.. Is this emit?
Rach ; uh.. That's emma..
Amy ; It's a girl?

Ross ; Amy.
Rach ; Amy, you remember ross.
Amy ; not really, but, you're much cuter than that geeky guy she used to date.
Ross ; that was me.
Amy ; no.. he was this creepy guy from high school, had a huge crush on her since her nine grade
Ross ; still me.
Amy ; No I'm not talking about you.. C'mon, it was your fat friend's brother with that bad-afro..
Rach ; nonono!
Ross ; Amy, I'm gonna save you some time, all me!


Mon ; careful.. careful... careful!!!!!!
Chan ; I'll tell you what, For the rest of our lives..
       I'll be careful into tools otherwise
        I China we picked out
Mon ; I know
Chan ; why?
Mon ; but your tate is a little feminine for me.
Chan ; oh suddenly flowers and feminine?

(Pheobe comes in)

Phoebe ; Hey everybody, Happy thanksgiving!
Joey ; hey happy thanksgiving, pheebs,
Phoebe ; hey, what's going on joe?
Joey ; hey, I need a good lie..
Pheobe ; oh, okay. how about the whole man walking on the moon thing. no?
         You couldn't see (the strings people?)??
Joey ; No, nononono, I need a good lie of explain why I wasn't at a walk thing today.
pheebs ; Oh honey, (you still think)??
Joey ; oh I can not.
Pheobe ; oh really? let me ask you something. Yesterday at the coffe house,
         I went to the bathroom, and when I came back, my muffin was gone.
         Who took it?
Joey ; somebody opened the door to the coffee house, and a racoon came
       running in (and muffin)  "hey don't eat that, that's phoebe's"
       and he said... he said, joey you (lying?)????
       what am I gonna do?
Pheobe ; Don't worry, don't look up with a good lie.
         I'll help you Practice it.
Joey ; oh great that will be great. thank you!
Phoebe; Well.. what is the walk thing?
         (joey shows her one of his arm)
         Pick up grandma at the airport?
Joey ; oh... man!


Rach ; oh she's precious.
Amy ; do you ever worry that she's gonna get your real nose?
Rach ; Amy... yes I do, really do..
       (grabbing ross's hand)
Amy ; Hello, yeah. uhm, hang on. listen, can I take upstairs?
Ross ; sure, we don't live there, but..
Amy ; Seriously, It's just.... these rooms?
      I thought you were a doctor.
Rach ; yeah, that ross has a PH.D.
Amy ; iooo?
Rach ; god, she's un-bel-ievable
Ross ; I know, I mean a Ph.D. is just as good as a M.D. (?? Maybe, Medical Doctor?)
Rach ; yeah, sure, ross, yeah. If I have a heart attack at restaurant,
       I want you there with your fossil brush...
Amy ; stupid thanksgiving..
Rach ; what..? what happened?
Amy ; My boyfriend cancelled on me. I mean I.. I Finally found
     a real relataionship with someone that I can spend this day with,
     and then his wife comes back in the town.
     (It's where almost)??? Worth dating married-guys.
Ross ; don't say that!
Amy ; I've been so looking forward this. who's gonna be such a beautiful thanksgiving..
      We're gonna have (susie)???
Rach ; oh Amy, don't cry... uhm, Ross, could I talk to you in private?
Ross ; sure you wanna go upstairs?


Rach ; uhm, Look. I was thinking, if it's okay with monica,
       I would like to invite Amy to thanksgiving!
Ross ; You know, I think that's a great idea. Little bit like
       the pilgrams being in the Indian (?????)
Rach ; Look I know she's little tough to take..
Ross ; huh..
Rach ; but she has nowhere else to go, and she's my sister.
       alright she's emma's aunt.. I know it would like (them to bond)??
Ross ; Okay, fine. but I don't want them banding too much.
       I don't want her telling emma she needs a nose job.
rach ; what? ross, you know what? she may need one more
       (just gonna have to make her piece with that!) 이렇게 들리긴 했는데;


Rach ; hi, hey you guys, this is my sister amy!
       This is chandler, joey, phoebe, you know mon.
Everybody ; hi!
Amy ; oh my god, you're on days of our lives!
Joey ; yeah..
Amy ; uh, wow.. you must put a lot of make-up on you.
Joey ; ha, happy thanksgiving..

Mon ; So welcome. Is this your first time seeing Emma?
Amy ; yeah, I think so. It's nice to meet you, Emma.
Phoebe ; Phoe-be.
Amy ; Oh.. It's a funny noise.

Joey ; pheebs, I still need some help here..
Phoebe ; oh, alright. okay, It's not just a lie you tell
         but it's the way you tell it. For example,
         if you look down at the ground when you're talking,
         people know you're lying.
Joey; oh, I don't know why this is so hard for me.. you know mean,
      lying is basically just acting and I'm a traffic actor.
Phoebe ; (Looking down at the ground) You're a traffic actor.

Amy ; hey, where is the baby?
Rach ; oh (we just put down at the hap?)??
Amy ; Listen I was just thinking, you know it would be incredible,
      If you guys died!!
Ross ; thank you, Amy.
Amy ; no, no! then I would get the baby!
      I mean you know It would be just like a movie.
      Like at first day wouldn't know what to do with her,
      then I would rise the occasion and then I can make over
      then I'll get married.
Phoebe ; Oooh that's a great movie
Amy ; yeah listen, not that you guys (can consdier)
      Cuz you know, If you're dead.
      I was thinking about changing her name,
      I'm just not really a big fan of Emily..
Ross ; Emma
Amy ; Emma, ross wants you
Phoebe ; Phoebe!!!
Amy ; How'd she keep making that noise.

Rach ; honey, I know it's hard to tell you but
       If something happen to ross or myself, uhm,
       you wouldn't get the baby
Amy ; wha.. who would?
Ross ; well (we, have an officially.. ask them yeah)?? 왜이렇게 들리지; but
       we want monica and chandler..
Chan ; I can't believe you want us to raise Emma..
Mon ; Yeah, oh my god, I'm so moved.
Amy ; I don't believe this, hold on a second,
      You guys die, and I don't get your baby
Rach ; Amy, see we're a lot closer to Monica and Chandler.
       we see them everyday, and truthly, honey. You don't
       seem very connected to the baby.
Amy ; connected? I mean.. to what? she's a lump!
Chan ; You guys, I gotta say this means so much to me,
       I mean You would trust me with your child,
       I mean we all know that monica and I've been..
       trying to have a baby ..(blah) I have my doubts
       about my skills as father but.. you too. then you too.
Amy ; this guy? seriously?


Mon ; okay, it's time for dinner. Everyone,
      we're using our fancy-china, and It's very expensive
      so please be careful...
Ross ; woh....whoo...whooo!?
Mon ; okay, just be (clear, con)??
Ross ; (ouch)

Joey ; hey.. how come my plate's less fancy from everyone else's..
       do you not trust me with a fancy plate?
Mon ; no honey, It's a... that's a special plate..
      See, It's a game whoever gets that plate, wins!
Joey ; can't believe I won~
Amy ; This is such (face.) I'm your sister and
      you would give your baby to these strangers over me..
Rach ; Monica is Ross's sister.
Amy ; No.. Ross's sister was really fat.
Monica ; That was me.
Amy ; No, she was this really darky girl on high school, used to follow rachel around like a..
Rach ; hey you got to stop doing that..
Amy ; (Making noises)
Mon ; Okay, Listen. I know (that you're poppi)??? 너무빨라--;; 먼!! 너무해!
      but You don't have to take it out of the plates.
      In fact, I think that everyone, uh..
      should cut the food like this.. now, see?.. ah,
      this way you'll protect the plates, and (????),  you have fun.
Amy ; Okay, how about this? If you guys die, and
      the crazy plate lady dies, then do I get the baby?
Chan ; (Plately)???.. if monica dies.. then I would get Emma, right?
Rach ; Well, actually...
Ross ; It's just uhm, in that case..then Emma would go to my parents.
Chan ; What?
Amy ; hurt, doesn't it?
Joey ; ah, (who asked to die with me)???? together?..


chan ; So, If Monica's gonna (???)
       I'm not good enough to raise emma?
Ross ; No, that is not what we're saying.
Joey ; Yeah, he's lying, he looked down.
Chan ; what is wrong with me? am I inconfident?
       because I'm the man survived whatever (it is?)?? killed three of you?
Rach ; you're taking this wrong way..
       we think You're going to be a wonderful parent.
       It's just.. You're more the you know, fun parent.
Ross ; and we wanna make sure that Emma also has someone like Monica,
       who's more (this funeria), Someone who can be firm and strict..
Mon ;  that's a way you see me, is it?
Phoebe ; No, you're all about the fun..
Chan ; I mean I.. no, a lot about baby is but you really think I'm not (???)?
Ross ; no.. You're both equally capable,
       It's just... You're strongest when you're together.
Chan ; Okay, if we both had Emma, and I died, she have to give her up..(?)
Ross ; Sure, Monica would have to give her up.
Joey ; I like better than that.. right?
Chan ; So let me ask this straight, so my two friends die,
       I'll get Emma, then my wife dies, then Emma the one tiny
       (?????) gets taking her away from me?
Phoebe ; There's your moving..


Mon ; Hey, there you are.. why disappear after dinner?
Chan ; oh, (sombody miss me? child )
Mon ; Responsible,
Mon ; Blah                  오우 이부분 너무 힘들다. 나중에 할래--;
Chan ;
Mon ; your condom..
Chan ; I would be..
Mon ; no..
Chan ; that is not Who I am
       exactlly.. that's true. look, everybody knows it.
Mon ; At the fun parts and at the hard parts..
Chan ; well, can you picture me saying you ground it..
Mon ; can you har me
Chan ; so that's me last week.
Mon ; how hard is it, no shoes on the furniture!!


Joey ; ah, the producer from days left a message on my machine,
       asking why I wasn't at the parade. Listen everybody really pissed off,
       and they all got to make a santa.
Phoebe ; It's okay, I thought of a perfect lie for you..
         It's easy to remember,        and It doesn't invite
         A lot of questions, you w
         because you had a family emergency.
Joey ; I like that, yeah, Wasn't at the parade, because I had a family emergency
Phoebe ; ooh What happened?
Joey ; my sister's racoon,
Phoebe ; Nothing with a racoon,

(mon's coming in)

mon ; what.. what are you doing?
Joey ; Setting table.
Pheobe ; nice to desert.
Mon ; oh, nice. maybe later, we're going on my wedding dress..

Ross ; Hey dude, you're okay? sorry about before.
Chan ; Ah, no that's okay. You
       anything about this child, but then my feeelings and
       I want you to know If I'd die, You don't get joey.

Amy ; krr... krrr..
      In case you have noticed, I'm not talking to you.
Rach ; krrr..
Amy ; You know, this is classic rachel.
Rach ; yeah right, remeber in my highschool, give you my baby..
Amy ; my one chance.. Rachel, so busy, focusing on my career..
Rach ; What? what career?
Amy ; uhm, I'm a decorater..
Rach ; You decorated dad's office, and now you're a decorater?
       Okay, I went to the zoo yesterday, Now I am corebear.
Amy ; why can't you ever be supportive?
Rach ; support? you wanna talk supportive? You didn't even come
       and visit me when I was in the Hospital having the baby!
Amy ; Oh yeah, Well you didn't come and see me in the hosptal
      when I was getting my lips done!
Rach ; Oh I did the first time! and you know what?
       You wouldn't know why I'm not giving Emily to you?  
Ross ; Emma.
Rach ; oh! Whose side are you on!?
       I'm not giving you Emma because, there is no way
       you could handle the responsiblity have a child.
Amy ; Well, how hard could it be, you do it?
joey ; oh..hoo..
Amy ; do I(?) know why? You don't want me to have a baby?
      because you don't want me to be happy!
      You're, were always being jealous of me.
rach ; Jealous of what? of your lack of responsiblity?
       your imturity?
       your total disregard for other people's feelings?
Amy ; aha, to name of you!
      You know, You've been always like this.
      you just, you had had everything.
      and I couldn't have anything.
      (??) in junior and high,
      when you stole timmy from me,
      I mean.. do you even realize how much that hurt me?
Rach ; Timmy was my boyfriend. and you make up all with him.
amy ; Oh C'm on, That was twenty years ago. Get over it.
RAch ; Oh, I cannot believe it, I can't believe that
       I invited you here today!
Amy ; Yeah, you know what? I cannot believe my so-called sister
      gets a thirty percent discount from ralph lauren,
      and I still have to pay retail?
Rach ; hahahahaha.. it's Forty-five.
Amy ; You bitch!
      You just thank yourself perfect.. that your new baby
      and your small apartment,.. Let me tell you something.
      Your baby, isn't even that cute.
Ross ; Too far Amy, too far.
Rach ; You take that back?
Amy ; No.
Rach ; Take it back.
Amy ; No, what are you gonna do? make me-
Rach ; Hey man I work out.. ha,
Amy ; so do I.
Rach ; I do
Amy ; I do Yoga.
Rach ; Bring it on.

Mon ; put the plates back in the box put the plates back in the box...

Rach ; Did you just push me?
Amy ; Yeah I did.
Rach ; Okay,that's it.

Mon ; Forget that bubble

Rach ;
Phoebe ; oh my god, stop this.
joey ;  (???)


Rach ;

Chan ; Alright, That is it. This is our apartment.
       then you cannot behave this way, you can act your age,
       you shouldn't be here at all,
       Now those plates may not be used nice now pretty pink one
       that I picked out. but the very important to monica.
       and I want you to apologize to her right now.

Amy ; I'm sorry.
Rach ; Mon, Sorry.

Chan ; Okay, that's better.
       Now I want you to apologize to each other, and mean it.
Rach ; Sorry.
Amy ; Sorry.
Chan ; other way, that fight was totally around you.
Ross ; dude, well done.
       You know If I die, and Rachel dies, and Monica dies..
       You can totally take care of Emma.
Chan ; oh yeah, well. thanks..
Ross ; So so.. Now do I get Joey?
Chan ; Okay, but you should know each five times a day shows his panties up his nose?

Rach ; Are you okay, Mon?
Mon ; uh huh, like these things happen, I mean this is just a plate, Like someobody died.
Pheebs ; Alright, you can worry.
Mon ; thank you.. It's so beautiful..
      Gonna get joey's pies..
Joey ; Actually, Not pies, It's just ... just a pie.
mon ; I don't care.
      Oh my god, I've lost a will to scold.

Rach ; Look, Amy. got a little control over there, and I'm sorry.
       You're my sister, and I.. really means that much to you.
Amy ; So you're gonna give me the baby?
Rach ; No, I was.. I was gonna let you use, my ralph lauren discount.
Amy ; you're not gonna regret this.
Rach ; Change
Chan ; No, I'll get her. I'm super confident, totatlly responsible,
       and forty lines for Emma. I'll be right there, Emma.
       just for beg yeah.
       (Plates get broken)
       well, you know. I guess, I'll be the one who dies first.


Phoebe ; Hey, Does Monica know about your broken plates yet?
Chan ; No.
Phoebe ; Broken 'em all, huh.
Chan ; Yep.
Phoebe ; You're gonna tell her?
Chan ; Nope. (Mon comes in) Hey, So I'm gonna put the plates back.
       You know, I think you're right. I think we shouldn't use
       these plates again for a long time.
Mon ; Like only the queen comes?
Chan ; Maybe not even then.

Joey ; Hey, I did it. I called my producer and told that family emergency.
       He totally (???) it. Thanks for teaching me (a lot??) pheebs.
Phoebe ; hey, no problem. next week, stealing
Mon ; Bye, plates.
Joey ; Oh, you told you broke up the plates, huh?
Mon ; what? Something happened to the plates?
Joey ; yeah, this..uh, racoon, came in and..

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